Multi Engines Test Bed (SMT-ICE-5)

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Engine: Petrol Engine (2 Stroke)
Single cylinder
Air cooled, High Efficiency
Power: 3 to 5 hp
Engine: Petrol Engine (4-stroke)
Single cylinder
Air Cooled
Power: 5hp
Engine: Diesel Engine (4 stroke)
Single cylinder
Air/water cooled
Power: 5hp
Technical Specifications:

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An automotive, high efficiency, air cooled, Multi engine test bed complete with all services and ancillaries required to run the engines in the lab environment. Variable load, eddy current dynamometer which acts as a brake, enabling direct measurement of torque. Dynamometer completely integrated with the engine and mounted within the main frame of the engine. Supported on strong steel frame with flexible mounts. Frame will house fuel tank, electrical enclosures etc. All moving parts and hot surfaces will be protected by guards. Throttling and brake load should be controlled remotely.