Multi Heat Exchanger Service Unit (SMT-HT-38)

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
di= 2.56 mm.
do= 3.20 mm.
L= 508 mm.
Nt= 55 (single pass).
pt= 4.11 mm (triangular).
Bc= 46 %.
Ds= 34.80 mm.
Tube side: hot water @ 60 °C.
Shell side: cold water @ 30 °C.
316 stainless steel.
Concentric (Double Pipe) Heat Exchanger
Inner tube:
di = 7.0 mm.
do = 9.4 mm.
Outer tube: Ds = 29.1 mm.
Length: 310.0 mm.
Material: stainless steel.
Duty: annulus: cold water @ 30 °C.
Inner pipe: hot water @ 60 °C.
Technical Specifications

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Multi Heat Exchanger Service Unit (SMT-HT-38) has been designed to allow students to get familiarised with different kinds of heat exchanger and to collect the necessary experimental data for the calculation of heat loss, heat transfer coefficient, log meant temperature difference, etc. Students will also be able to study the effect of flow rate on the heat transfer rate. Later, student may use this knowledge for designing complex industrial exchangers. The unit comes with four types of heat exchangers. Two 30-L stainless steel tanks are provided for the hot and cold water stream. The hot tank is fitted with a 6 KW heater which is protected against possible overheating. Each tank has a centrifugal pump which are protected from dry-run by an electronic level switch installed inside each of tanks. A low level in the cold water tank will automatically stop the pump whereas a low level in the hot water tank will switch off the heater and stop the pump.