Multi Pump Test Rig (SMT-FM-41)

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Measuring examination of a multi pump.
Pump with 3 heads.
Common stroke rate adjustable for all 3 heads.
Stroke individually adjustable for each head.
Tank to determine the flow rate.
4 manometers to measure the pressure on the
intake and delivery side
1 feed tank.
Technical specification

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Multi pump test rig is used for metering in many process engineering areas. In food
technology, for example, multi pumps enable the precise observation of mixing ratios in order
to ensure consistent high quality of the products. In addition, pumps are leak-free and thus
prevent germs from entering the piping system. This ensures that the high hygiene
requirements that apply in food technology are observed. The pump in SMT-FM-41 has three
pump heads. Each pump head conveys water from the feed tank into a tank with scale. The
common stroke rate of the three pump heads is set at the switch box. The stroke of each
pump head is set directly at the pump. Three overflow valves enable the user to set a counter
pressure for each pump head. Manometers indicate the pressures on the intake and delivery
side of each pump head. This enables students to examine the effect of the counter pressure
on the flow rate and the mixing ratio. A stopwatch for the determination of the flow rate
using the scaled tanks is included in the scope of delivery.