Nozzle Performance Apparatus with Compressor (SMT-HT-27)

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A series of convergent and convergent-divergent
nozzles may be installed in one of two locations in a
high pressure measuring chamber. A pressure
regulator, throttle valve and back pressure valve
allow the air flow rate, inlet and discharge (or back)
pressure to be varied.
Standard unit includes convergent – divergent ducts
designed to produce Mach 1.0 at the throat and
supersonic velocities downstream.
Inlet and outlet air pressures, temperatures and air
flow rate are recorded by a combination of
instrumentation on the Compressible Flow Range
SMT-HT-27 base unit and the optional module.
Technical specification

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The unit allows the students to study the performance on a nozzle as either a kinetic energy
or thrust producer and also enables to study the effect of inlet and outlet pressure ratio on
the mass flow and pressure distribution in nozzle. Compressed air is supplied to the unit from
laboratory source. Convergent and convergent divergent nozzles are available that can be
changed rapidly. These nozzles are designed to operate at different theoretical expansion
ratios. Each nozzle is equipped with axial pressure tappings that can be connected to the 8
panel mounted pressure gauges. The unit Nozzle Performance is fully instrumented to
measure pressure, mass flow, temperature, thrust and impact force. The operating
conditions can be quickly varied to produce results over a wide range of pressure ratios.