Open Channel Wind Tunnel (SMT-FM-30)

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Experiments from the field of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics with an “Eiffel” type wind tunnel
Wide range of accessories available.
Transparent, closed measuring section.
Inlet contour, nozzle and diffuser made of GRP.
Variable-speed fan motor for energy-efficient operation.
Flow straightener reduces turbulence.
Electronic two-component force sensor for measuring the flow forces.
Inclined tube manometer for displaying the air velocity.
Digital display of drag and lift.
Display of measured values for velocity, forces, moment, displacement/angle, and differential
pressure using system for data acquisition SMT-FM-30.32.

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A wind tunnel is the classic experiment system for aerodynamic flow experiments. The model
being studied remains at rest while the flow medium is set in motion, and thus the desired
flow around the model is generated. SMT-FM-30 is an “Eiffel” type open wind tunnel used to
demonstrate and measure the aerodynamic properties of various models. For this purpose,
air is drawn in from the environment and accelerated. The air flows around a model, such as
an aerofoil, in a measuring section. The air is then decelerated in a diffuser and pumped back
into the open by a fan. The carefully designed nozzle contour and a flow straightener ensure
a uniform velocity distribution with little turbulence in the closed measuring section. The flow
cross-section of the measuring section is square. The built-in axial fan with outlet guide vane
system and a variable-speed drive is characterised by an energy-efficient operation at high
efficiency. . Air velocities of up to 28m/s can be reached in this open wind tunnel. The trainer
is equipped with an electronic two-component force sensor. Lift and drag are detected and
displayed digitally.