Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter (SMT-HT-54)

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Used for determination of combustion of heat of
calorific value of the fuel & other organic material.
Supplied complete with water jacket made of
Stainless-Steel sheet duly nicked chromium plated
with Bakelite Lid.
Stain less Steel Bomb, Bomb Jacket Water
Calorimeter Vessel.
Motorized heavy duly stirrer for uniform Circulation.
Firing unit with illumination.
Gas Releasing Valve, Stain less Steel crucible.
Benzoic Acid with known calorific value.
Full feature digital controller & Safety device.
Technical Specifications:

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Bomb calorimetry is a fundamental test of great significance to anyone interested in calorific
measurements. The following list includes possible applications: coal and coke, all varieties
and types; fuel oil, both heavy and light varieties; gasoline, all motor fuel and aviation types
jet fuels, all varieties; combustible wastes and refuse disposal, etc. Calorimetric Thermometer
is a high precision temperature measuring system. In addition to measuring temperatures,
the thermometer will determine the net temperature rise, apply all necessary corrections,
and calculate and report the heat of combustion in the associated calorimeter as selected by
the operator.