PLC Trainer (SMT-1201)

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• PLC:
• Digital Inputs:
• 12
• Digital Outputs:
• 8
• Programming Language:
• Ladder ,STL &FBD
• INPUT Section:
• 8 toggles witches,1 Touch and 1 Limit switch
• OUTPUT Section:
• 8 LED 220V,Two Lamps Output,1 Relay and 1Fan for outputs 220V
• Accessories:
• 4mm safety patch cords, Power Cord, User Manual ,Software CD,PC Programming Cable
Technical Specifications

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In today’s environment of automation, the importance of PLC has rapidly increased. With growing demand for training in this area, we have introduced several packages for PLC training. The standard package consists of PLC module containing PLC, power supply, programming and operating software and PC/PPI cable. Our trainers are the perfect low-cost trainer, great for students, technical schools, colleges or companies that want to bring their employees up to speed on PLC controls, it’s a complete package rolled into one all you need a PC. It is a time and cost saving device for both students and researchers interested in developing and testing circuit prototypes.