Power Generation Trainer (EST-EPG01)

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This training system has been designed to provide the students with a fully comprehensive knowledge in Electrical Power Engineering systems. The trainer is composed of a set of modules for the simulation of the various subsystems forming a complete electrical power system, from power generation to energy utilization.

Technical Specifications

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  • The three-phase current has emerged as the simplest form of power, in terms of both transmission and universal application, in the area of public power supply.
  • In fact, three-phase currents can be transmitted to a voltage level which is suitable for the distances the power has to be transmitted and, furthermore, it is ideal for being used by the consumers.
  • The major problem is that electrical power cannot be stored in large quantities and, consequently, it has to be generated at the same time the consumer needs it.
  • Then, if the synchronous generator must be connected in parallel with a constant- voltage constant-frequency system, it has to reach its nominal speed, and the excitation voltage has to be increased from zero until the stator voltage is brought up to the same level as that of the network. To obtain this situation, the magnitude, the phase relation and the rotational direction of the two voltages must be in agreement.
  • This procedure is termed synchronization. In this section a two-pole alternator is investigated.