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• DC Power Output: +5V, -5V,
+15V, -15V/1A
• DC Variable power Output: 0
~ + 15V/500mA
• AC power Output: 6Vac and
12Vac fixed
• Solderless Bread Board
• TIE Points
• Power switch with light
• Power requirements: 220VAC
• Accessories: 2mm patch cords,
Power Cord, User Manual
Technical specification

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• The power project board is capable of sourcing well-regulated DC voltages of up to
+15 V at 500 mA and DC fixed voltage +5V, -5V, +15V and -15V at 1A. It is also capable
of AC voltages of 6Vac and 12Vac.
• As a result there is a wide range of potential applications for the electronic
laboratories, hobbyist, science departments and education institutions.