Power Transmission Trainer (EST- EPT02)

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This training system has been designed to provide the students with a fully comprehensive knowledge in Electrical Power Engineering systems. The trainer is composed of a set of modules for the simulation of the various subsystems forming a complete electrical power system, from power generation to energy utilization.

Technical Specifications

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  • The major advantage of ac and three-phase technology over dc technology is that the electrical power is generated economically in large power stations relatively far from the end users, transported at high voltage over long distances with very little power loss and finally made available to the consumers the way they need it.
  • This is possible only by using transformers.
  • In this laboratory a three-winding transformer is investigated. It consists of three individual poles with different connection possibilities on the primary side and variable secondary voltage. The third winding (tertiary winding) is designed as the delta stabilizing winding needed for asymmetrical loads.
  • Overhead power lines are mainly used to transmit electrical energy from the power stations to the consumers. However, in densely populated areas the power can only be supplied via cables.
  • Also busbars, disconnectors, power circuit breakers, voltage and current transformers are studied; these, in fact, are among the most important components of a switching station.