Precision Pressure Gauge Calibrator (SMT-FM-62)

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The direct measurement of pressure (p=F/A)
Masses added are proportional to the target pressure
Calibration of pressure gauges by deadweight method
to an accuracy better than 0.025% of reading
Dual pistons allow calibration over a wide range of

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Deadweight testers are the basic primary standard used worldwide for the accurate
calibration of pressure gauges, pressure transducers etc. The equipment is self-contained and
portable, so it may be used in lecture theatre demonstrations or as a master calibrator for
the laboratory. The instrument combines a low and high-pressure range provided by two
pistons of different effective area. Calibration is accurate to within ±0.025% of reading. A
laboratory calibration certificate is supplied for each piston together with a traceable
certificate of overall accuracy. The pressure in the system is produced by means of a capstanoperated hydraulic ram, balanced by a deadweight acting upon a piston of known area. Oil is
used as the hydraulic fluid. The pressure developed is applied to the gauge that is to be