Pressure Measurement Bench (SMT-HT-01)

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U-tube and inclined tube manometer. One
Bourdon tube pressure gauge each for positive and
negative pressure. One Pressure Transducer with
digital display.
Plastic syringe generates test pressures in the
millibar range.
Calibration device with Bourdon tube pressure
gauge for calibrating mechanical manometers
included in the scope of delivery.
Technical Specifications:

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This experimental setup used to measure pressure with Manometers, Bourdon gauges and
Pressure Transducers which are fundamental pressure-measuring devices. Pressure
Measurement Bench enables students to fully investigate and compare the operation and
characteristics of inclined and U-tube manometers, and Bourdon-type vacuum and pressure
gauges. It also includes a separate Bourdon gauge with dead-weight calibration apparatus,
enabling clear observation of the Bourdon tube mechanism. This setup also has Pressure
Transducer with digital display for advance pressure measurement in Modern control