Radial Rubber Shear Apparatus (SMT-MM-14)

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Measures the shear stress and shear strain.
Cylindrical rubber block.
An Instruction manual for student and lecturer provided.
Set of weights.
Technical Specifications:

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This apparatus is designed to study the shear strain in a rubber block due to the shear stress
applied on it. Rubber in shear force are often used on engine and in equipment mounting to
isolate vibrations. They do this by absorbing shock energy by deforming. This deformation
leads to a decrease in cross-section as the block rotates.
A rubber cylinder is bonded to two metal alloy plates. One plate is screwed to a wall with
HDF, whilst the other has a shear load applied by a loaded weight via round plate with pointer
and degree printed on it. This round plate gives the angle of rotation upon applying torque
on rubber cylindrical block.