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Relays: 8X SPDT with NC, NO & Common.
• Processor: 8-Bit with Monitor Software.
• A/D Converter: 8-Bit Monolithic Type.
• Relay Driver: 8X Darlington with reverse
protection Diodes.
• Motor: +12VDC Motor, +12V Fan.
• Heater: Resistive Type.
• Temperature Sensor: 10mV/ºC Monolithic Type.
• PC Interface: USB-UART with PC Software.
• On-Board Applications:
• IR Transceiver, DC Motor, Delay Timer with
adjustable Delay, Touch Sensor, DC Lamp.
• Temperature Control with Heater & Fan.
Technical specification

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Computers can be used as dedicated controllers for a variety of uses but an interface is
needed to connect them to the real world. This Trainer controls 8 electromechanical relays
using USB – UART interface and Microcontroller. Each relay is switched on or off by output
data (8 bits) sent by PC software. The software provides a graphical user interface to control
relay operations, their control sequences with LED indication and simulations.