River Flow Simulator (SMT-FM-63)

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A self-contained river flow simulator for the study
and visualisation of river formations, bedload studies
and fluvial geomorphology.
Stainless steel tank with a 2150mm x 900mm working
Tank mounted on a steel frame with jacking system
to easily and safely adjust the tank slope while fully
Uses sand as the media for detailed feature
development and bedload motion studies.
Water inlet vessel with stilling can be positioned
anywhere in the tank.

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The unit comprises a rectangular tank, made of stainless steel, measuring 215cm by 90cm.
The tank is positioned and secured on a metal supporting frame. A manual jacking system
enables the slope of the tank to be easily and safely adjusted, even when the tank is full of
material and water. The sturdy construction enables real sand to be used in the tank. This
gives fine detailed and realistic feature simulation not obtainable on systems, which use
plastic pellets. In this way all principles of river formation and bed load motion can be studied.
For best results the use of washed and graded sand is recommended.