Rolling Disc on Inclined Plane Apparatus (SMT-TM-14)

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Investigation of inertia in rotational motion.
Proof of the law of falling bodies.
Experimentally determine the mass moments of inertia.
Rolling experiments on an inclined plane with height adjustment and three-point support.
Goniometer and spirit levels ensure precise alignment.
Measure the time and the acceleration distance.
Technical Specifications:

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The mass moment of inertia is a proportionality constant, which depends on both the body
and the position of the body’s rotation axis. By measuring the rotary moment and the
resulting angular acceleration, we can experimentally determine the mass moment of inertia.
To do this, the SMT-TM-14 unit offers rolling experiments on an inclined plane and pendulum
experiments with a physical pendulum to determine mass moments of inertia
experimentally. In the rolling experiment, the inclination of the inclined plane is set through
height adjustment and read on a goniometer. A disk rolls down the track. The time and the
acceleration distance are measured, and the mass moment of inertia is calculated.