Linear Rubber Shear Apparatus (SMT-MM-13)

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Measures the shear deflection of a rubber block
150x75x25mm and allows Bulk Modulus and Poisson`s Ratio
to be determined.
Deflection measured by a dial gauge.
An Instruction manual for student and lecturer provided.
Set of weights.
Technical Specifications:

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This apparatus is designed to study the shear strain in a rubber block due to the shear stress
applied on it. When a force acts parallel to the surface of any object, it produces shear strain
in it. The unit consists of a frame that is attached to wall. A rubber block is affixed to its
surface. The rubber block has a metallic strip fastened to its surface. To produce shear strain
in the rubber block, load is applied to metallic strip via a hanger. The unit has dial gauge
attached to the upper end of the rubber block to measure the amount of deformation.