Series & Parallel Pump Apparatus (Variable Speed and DAQ Software) (SMT-FM-22-A)

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Compact stand-alone unit.
Two identical centrifugal Pumps.
Transparent PMMA tank as intake tank.
Ball valves used to switch between series and
parallel operation
Sensors at inlet and outlet of each pump and Digital
Sensor for measuring flow rate.
ESOLS software with control functions and data
acquisition via USB under Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Technical Specifications:

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This Series/Parallel Pump Test Rig enables students to measure the pump characteristic
curves for centrifugal pumps. The unit is fitted with sensors for pressure and flow rate. The
microprocessor-based measuring technique is well protected in the housing. The measured
values are transmitted directly to a PC via USB where they can be analyzed using the software
included. As a result of its clear layout, the unit is suitable for demonstrations and for student