Series & Parallel Pump Fixed Speed (SMT-FM-22-B)

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A small-scale series/parallel centrifugal pump
demonstration unit comprising of a water
reservoir, complete supply arrangement, pumps,
control with interface unit.
Valves and interconnecting pipe work.
All mounted on a stain less steel base.
Transparent pump volute for visibility.
Equipped with electronic measurement sensors
for head, pressure, flow rate, water temp.
Max flow rate: 100 to 130 L/min.
Parallel pumping both
Technical specification

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This Series/Parallel Pump Test Rig enables students to measure the pump characteristic
curves for centrifugal pumps. The introduction of a second pump to the Hydraulics Bench
system allows the study of two pump performances, both in series and parallel operation.
The unit is maintenance-free due to its robust construction. As a result of its clear layout, the
unit is suitable for demonstrations and for student experiments. This accessory comprises a
fixed speed pump assembly with interconnecting pipe works. It is installed with necessary
pressure gauges and flowmeter for pump performance study. This unit is mounted on a
support plinth which can be use in standalone operation.