Solar Energy Modular Trainer (SMT-RE-21)

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Photovoltaic inclinable module: 90W, 12V, complete with a cell for measuring the solar irradiation and with a
temperature sensor.
Supporting frame: For Holding the modules.
Battery: 12V,
Battery control module: 12V, 32A.
Electrical Load module 1: It includes two 12V lamps, dichroic 20W and LED 3W, with independent switches.
Electrical Load module 2: It includes two mains voltage lamps, dichroic 35W and LED 3W, with independent switches.
DC to AC converter module: with sinusoidal output at mains voltage. Average power: 300 W.
Average training hours: 8h.
Parameters Measurement and Control Module: A touch LCD Display and Control Module to measure Solar irradiations
(W/m2), solar panel temperature (°C), current up to 30V, ± 15A, voltage up to 40V and power up to 300W.
Approx. packing dimensions: 600 x 1200 x 800 mm.
Net weight: 50 kg.
Technical Specifications:

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This Modular trainer has been designed for the study of electrical installations with
photovoltaic solar energy. The solar irradiation and the voltage and current of the
photovoltaic panel at no load, on load and on overload conditions are measured on Touch
LCD control panel. This system has connecting cables, experimental manual and DAC
Software for USB PC connect.