Steam Power Plant (Rankine Type)(SMT-PP-01)

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Energy Converter:
Steam Turbine.
Type: Single stage, impulse turbine made from Stainless Steel/Super Alloy.
Max. Output: 60 to 90W
Working Fluid:
Steam Generator:
Boiler (with Electric heater) with safety valves and water Level gauge and instrumentation (Temp/pressure).
Maximum experiment pressure approximately 350 kPa to 800 kPa (set by 1000 kPa by adjustable pressure relief safety valve).
Water cooled.
For measurement of brake power with digital torque and speed display.
Data Acquisition along with software:
All components are integrated with ESOLS Real Time data acquisition system with computer USB interface.
Digital display.
All the components are bench mounted.
Water Tank:
For storing and circulation of water
Throttling calorimeter:
To check the quality of steam
Instrumentation and measurement:
Throttling calorimeter and thermocouple to measure the dryness fraction of the steam.
Dynamometer and display unit for motor speed and power measurement.
Pressure gauges for boiler and engine (motor) inlet pressures, including electronic transducers for connection to ESOLS DAQ Computer Software.
Thermocouples and display for steam and cooling water temperatures.
Power meter for heater power input, including an output for ESOLS DAQ Computer Software.
Calibrated vessel with stopwatch and thermometer for condensate (steam flow) measurement.
Technical Specifications:

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This system is Ideal for students to gain insight into the first and second laws of thermodynamics. It introduces students to industry-standard methods of analyzing steam plant performance, including Rankine Cycle Analysis.
This System Contains A bench top Rankine cycle steam turbine with electric fired boiler, throttle valve, impulse turbine, sub- atmospheric water-cooled condenser and boiler feed pump. Instrumentation to record all relevant temperatures, pressures, cooling water and gas flows, turbine speed and turbine brake load.