Strain Gauge Trainer (Bending, Torsion and Tensile) (SMT-SM-05)

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Touch LCD with GUI Interface for
better monitoring and accurate
measurement of Plant variables.
Includes electronic strain display to
show all readings, and automatically
calculates strain
Uses strain gauges on three different
and popular structures for realistic
Compact, self-contained, deskmounting
Storage system for parts.
ESOLS DAQ Software for monitoring
and control.
Technical Specifications:

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The Strain Gauge Trainer contains everything needed to show students how resistance strain
gauges work on three different structures. Strain gauges are used extensively in sensor
systems to detect forces, moments and deformations. Students use the small set of masses
to load the bending and torsion systems, and the large set of masses to load the tension
system. Students can also connect and compare the performance of quarter, half and fullbridge
strain gauge connections for each structure.
The bending system uses gauges to measure direct tensile and compression strain. The
torsion system shows the use of shear/torque strain gauges. The tension system shows the
use of two gauges at right angles in a ‘Tee’ rosette. The tension system also finds and proves
Poisson’s ratio for tensile and compressive strains in metals. The strain display includes a set
of high-accuracy dummy strain gauge resistors (plugs) and controls. These allow the student
to connect the strain gauges on the structures as quarter, half or full-bridge networks. The
strain display works with and gives correct readings for all bridge connections and different
gauge factors.