Strain Gauge Trainer (Bending, Torsion and Tensile) (SMT-SM-05)

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Nett dimensions (assembled):
720 mm high x 760 mm wide x 520 mm front to back
Nett weight (including Strain Display and Weight Sets):
27.5 kg
Packed weight:
41.5 kg
Packed volume:
0.16 m3

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The Strain Gauge Trainer fits on a bench or desktop. It contains everything needed to show
students how resistance strain gauges work on three different structures. It is ideal for groups
of two or more students to do experiments and for classroom demonstrations. Students use
the small set of masses to load the bending and torsion systems, and the large set of masses
to load the tension system. They use theory and known dimensions to calculate the stresses
and strains and compare them with the strains measured by the strain gauges. Students can
also connect and compare the performance of quarter, half and full-bridge strain gauge
connections for each structure. The bending system uses gauges to measure direct tensile
and compression strain. The torsion system shows the use of shear/torque strain gauges. The
tension system shows the use of two gauges at right angles in a ‘Tee’ rosette. For more tests
with the tension system, ESOLS can supply optional tension test specimens made of different
metals. Students then use their experience from other experiments to calculate and test
strains in the different metals and find their values of Young’s modulus. The tension system
also finds and proves Poisson’s ratio for tensile and compressive strains in metals. The strain
display includes a set of high-accuracy dummy strain gauge resistors (plugs) and controls.