Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder (SMT-HT-29)

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The complete unit includes the followings:
Made of high quality and sturdy formica laminated.
Panel on which main components are mounted.
Test Modules:
Three sets of test modules are supplied made of two
concentric stainless steel cylinders with the following
Outer Cylinder:
I.D: 102.3 mm.
Thickness: 6.02 mm.
Length: approx. 185 mm.
Inner Cylinder.
I.D: 9.9 mm.
Thickness: 3.0 mm.
Length: approx. 175 mm.
Technical specification

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Each test module is supplied with a 200 W variable input cartridge heater. Each test module
is fitted with six temperature sensors for measurements of T1 and T2. A proper insulating
material is fitted inside the test modules to ensure heat transfer is in the radial direction only.
The unit has a control panel with digital indicators for temperatures and heater power, a
thermocouple selector switch, and a heater power controller.