Torsional Vibrations Apparatus (SMT-TM-17)

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Torsional vibrations on different torsion bars.
5 aluminium torsion bars with different diameters.
Adjustable effective length of the torsion bars
Quick-action chucks to swap components
Generate torsional vibration via a circular disk or circular ring.
Stopwatch to measure the oscillation period.
Bracket for wall mounting.
Technical Specifications:

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In torsional vibrations, a restoring moment is produced by the twisting of a bar in the
oscillating system. The restoring moment strives to return the rotating mass to the resting
position. The SMT-TM-17 unit can be used to study torsional vibration on torsion bars with
different diameters and different lengths. At the top end, the torsion bars are clamped in a
quick-action chuck. A solid circular disk or a circular ring is fixed at the bottom end of the bar
using a quick-action chuck. They have the same mass and the same diameter, but different
moments of inertia due to their shape. The torsion bars can be quickly and easily exchanged
and their length varied. The oscillation period is measured. The experimental unit is designed
to be fixed to a wall.