Tray Dryer with 7” Touch LCD and DAQ Software (SMT-HT-53)

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Complete stand-alone unit to demonstrate and measurement of Tray Drying Process in Chemical Engineering Laboratory.
Touch LCD 7’’ with GUI Interface for better monitoring and accurate measurement of Plant variables.
DAQ Software for PC Connect and Data measurement and Calculations.
Drier for investigating convection drying of solids
Drying on 4 corrosion resistant plates in a drying channel with an air flow
Adjustment of air velocity via speed of fan
Air heating with controlled heater
Digital balance for measuring the change of weight during drying
1 combined sensor for measurement of humidity and temperature before and after the solid sample
1 air velocity sensor
ESOLS software for data acquisition via USB under Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Digital Instrumentation for accurate measurement.
Technical Specifications:

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Convection dryers are often used for drying solids in food technology. The SMT-HT-53 can be used to investigate and demonstrate the process of convection drying of granular solids.
Four corrosion resistant removable plates are available for drying the solid. They are placed in a drying channel.
The plates containing the solid to be dried are exposed to an air flow in the channel. The air flow heats the solid and also removes any moisture released. Air velocity can be adjusted by the speed of a fan. An adjustable heater allows the heating of the air. The transparent door in the drying channel allows the drying process to be observed.
A digital balance can be used to follow the changes in weight of the solid due to evaporation or vaporization of moisture during operation.