Equilibrium of Moments on Two Arm Lever Apparatus (SMT-MM-03)

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Investigation of the equilibrium of moments on a
two-arm lever.
Ball bearing-mounted beam with integrated scale as
two-arm lever sturdy metal frame.
Storage system to house the components.
Technical Specifications:

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SMT-MM-03 is used to investigate the fundamentals of the equilibrium of moments based
on the example of a two-arm lever. Moments occurring on the lever are to be brought to
equilibrium. A centrally mounted beam represents a two-arm lever. Movable riders are
placed on the lever and weights are applied. Equilibrium is attained by moving the weights.
Distances from the pivot point – the lever arms – can be read from an integrated scale. The
calculation of the lever arms is verified in the experiment. A vertical column carries the lever.
A sturdy base plate ensures that the unit stands securely.