Two Shaft Gas Turbine Power Plant (SMT-HT-48)

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Experiments relating to the function and behaviour
during operating of a gas turbine in a two-shaft
Operation with power turbine and generator.
Asynchronous motor with frequency converter as
Start-up fan to start the high-pressure turbine.
Conversion of generated electrical energy into heat
using four 600W braking resistors.
Effective silencing at intake and exhaust for
laboratory operation.
Sensors record all relevant data visualised on
displays in the process schematic.
Technical specification

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Gas turbines with free-running power turbines are used primarily as drive systems for widely
varying power requirements in power plants and on board ships, locomotives, and motor
vehicles. The SMT-HT-48 trainer investigates the behaviour during operation of a system with
two independent turbines in a two-shaft arrangement. One turbine (the high-pressure
turbine) drives the compressor and the other turbine (the power turbine) supplies the
effective power. Changes in power output in the power turbine have no influence on the
compressor, which is able to keep running at optimum speed at the best efficiency point. The
trainer includes the following components: compressor, tubular combustion chamber and
high-pressure turbine; fuel system; starter and ignition system; lubrication system; power
turbine; generator; and measuring and control equipment. The complete unit is called gas
turbine. The gas turbine works as an open cyclic process, with the ambient air being drawn
out and fed back in. The high-pressure turbine together with the compressor and the
combustion chamber are called gas generator as they produce the required gas for the power
turbine. To do so, the ambient air drawn in is brought to a higher pressure in the single-stage
radial compressor.