Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor Study Unit with Intercooler (SMT-HT-17)

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Trainer for recording the characteristic curve of a two-stage compressor.
Compressor with 2 cylinders in a V-arrangement.
Pressure vessel on 1st stage as intermediate reservoir.
Intake vessel, with nozzle to measure the airflow rate, pressure sensor and additional manometer
Pressure vessel on 2nd stage with safety valve, control valve and outlet silencer, and additional
Instrumentation: sensors with digital LCD displays.
Technical Specifications:

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The trainer provides all necessary data for recording the compressor characteristic and to
depict the compression process on a p-V diagram. The pressures and temperatures for both
stages are recorded using sensors and indicated on digital displays & optional DAQ Software
on Computer. The air throughput and the electrical power consumption are also measured.
The measured values can be read on digital displays. At the same time, the measured values
can also be transmitted directly to a PC using Data Acquisition Card (Optional).
The unit has Touch LCD display for visualization of process and the measurements. The Unit
is also connected to Software for computer connectivity and data analysis. The Touch screen
and computer software is included in the package.