Universal Testing Machine (SMT-UTM-600)

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Tensile/compression or Tensile/Bending test can be carried out without interruption to
change devices.
Manufactured according to Standards EN 10002-2; ASTM E4, ISO 7500-1; DIN 51221 and
BS1610 guide.
Aditionally can be complemented with optional devices for other type of tests: 1. Bending,
2. Punching, 3. Extrusion, 4. Penetration, 5. Shearing
Electronic controller units are specially designed for data adquisition and close loop control
of testing instruments. With DAQ and Computer
Technical Specifications:

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A solid understanding of the properties of materials is essential for technical and scientific
professions. This knowledge helps select the suitable material, monitor production and
processing and ensure the requirements in terms of a component. The materials test
provides the necessary data in a reproducible and precisely quantified manner. The tensile
test, bending test and hardness test are all part of classic destructive materials testing. The
range of experiments with SMT-UTM-600 covers tensile tests and Brinell hardness tests in
the base unit. Compression, bending, shear and cupping tests can be conducted using the
accessories. Plate and coil springs can also be tested. The experimental unit has been
developed specifically for experiments in small groups and is characterised by a clear design,
simple operation and accessories that are easy to exchange.