Vibration of Spiral (coil) Spring Apparatus (SMT-TM-18)

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Investigate vibrations on a spring mass system.
Lever with sliding mass to deflect the helical spring.
Adjustable distance of the mass to the rotation axis.
Angle scale for reading the angle of deflection.
Stopwatch to measure the oscillation period.
Determine the natural frequency and the spring stiffness.
Bracket for wall mounting.
Technical Specifications:

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In helical springs, the spring force is generated by the elastic deformation of a metal band
wound in an Archimedean spiral. If a mass is attached to the spring, we refer to it as a spring–
mass system. The resistance that the spring presents opposite of the elastic deformation is
known as spring stiffness. It is a characteristic variable of the spring. The SMT-103-18 unit
comprises a helical spring connected to a rotating lever. Masses can be attached to the lever
at various distances. This creates a spring mass system, which can be used to study the
effects of the spring stiffness, mass and mass distribution on the oscillation frequency. The
deflection angle can be read on an angle scale. The experimental unit is designed to be fixed
to a wall.