Whirling of Shaft and Vibrometer (SMT-TM-28)

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• Experimental unit for determining critical speeds
and investigating the natural modes of a shaft
• 6 high-tensile steel shafts.
• Up to 4 self-aligning ball bearings, each moveable
to any point as a shaft bearing.
• 1 mass for constructing a Laval rotor.
• 3 safety bearings and transparent protective cover
for safe operation.
• Three-phase motor: 2 pre-selectable speed
ranges; speed electronically controlled and
continuously adjustable
• Digital speed display.

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Illustrative experiments are used to explain resonance and the supercritical or subcritical
states of a vibrating system. Six shafts of different lengths and diameters are available. The
shafts can be mounted on four self-aligning ball bearings and fitted with a mass disk to
construct a Laval rotor. The axial positions are read on a scale mounted parallel to the shaft.
A three-phase motor drives the shaft via a flexible coupling. The electronically controlled
speed can be selected via two potentiometers and is continuously variable. It is displayed
digitally. A transparent protective cover and safety bearing ensure safe operation.
The measured values can be displayed and analyzed on a PC using the optional system for
data acquisition.