Whitworth Quick Return mechanism Apparatus (SMT-TM-03)

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Generation and investigation of non-uniform
stroke movements.
Adjustment of the crank radius at three positions
of the connecting rod on the crank disk.
Adjustment of the angle by turning the crank disk.
Measuring the stroke on the cylinder.
Investigation of revolving crank slider.
Technical Specifications:

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The Whitworth mechanism is also known as the quick-return mechanism. It represents a
revolving crank slider and produces non-uniform stroke movement with slow forward
movement and fast backward movement. The SMT-TM-03 unit generates non-uniform
stroke movement by means of a Whitworth mechanism. The experimental unit comprises
the drive disk with crank and coupling, the driving rod and the cylinder. The angle is adjusted
using the crank disk, and an angle scale is integrated into the base plate. A millimeter-precise
steel ruler is attached to the cylinder to measure the stroke. The elements are mounted on
a base plate.