Work Done by Variable Force Apparatus (SMT-MM-21)

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Table unit for experiments on mechanical work and
potential energy.
Lifting a weight using a lever and a dynamometer
(spring balance).
Technical Specifications:

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This experiment is designed to reinforce the general principle that the work done, particularly
by a variable force, can be determined simply by measuring the area under the graph of force
and distance moved. It forms a good introduction to simple machines, leading to later studies
on machine performance. The apparatus is a simple lifting mechanism with obvious nonlinear
characteristics. A suspension cord carrying a loaded trolley at mid span is tensioned by
passing the cord over a pulley at one end and down to a weight hanger. As the vertical effort
is increased, the tensioned cord will move to a new equilibrium position lifting the loaded
trolley. Heights of the load and effort are measured relative to the base. A pivoted arm
carrying a load hanger at its end is restrained by a spring balance at right angles to the arm.
The angular position of the arm is indicated by a protractor scale attached to the back board.