Medical Equipment

Impact of a Jet Apparatus (SMT-FM-06)

  • An impact of jet apparatus is used to investigate the reaction force produced by the impact of a jet of water on to various target vanes. This type of impact forces of water is used to drive the turbines. In SMT-FM-06 jet forces are generated and studied with the aid of a water jet that acts on and is diverted by an interchangeable deflector. The experimental unit includes a transparent PPI tank, a nozzle, four PVC interchangeable deflectors with different deflection angles and a weight-loaded scale. The force of the water jet is adjusted via the flow rate. Experiments study the influence of flow velocity and flow rate as well as of different deflection angles. The jet forces generated by the water jet are measured on the weight- loaded scale. The forces are calculated using the momentum equation and compared with the measurements. 
  • The equipment requires a Hydraulics Bench (SMT-FM-100) as the source of water supply.