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Free and Forced Vortex Apparatus (SMT-FM-13)

  • This ESOLS Product of Fluid Mechanics related labs used to study both free and forced vortices, and measure the vortex water surface profile. A vortex is a circular flow of a fluid caused by sufficiently large velocity gradients. In practice, this can be observed when water flows out of a basin into a pipe or when two fluids with different speeds meet each other. 
  • The apparatus has a transparent tank with nozzles, various inserts on the water drain, an impeller and a point gauge for detecting the vortex profiles. To form the free vortex, water is introduced radially into the tank and flows through a ring to slow down. The vortex is created by the flow out of the tank. There are four easily replaceable inserts of various diameters available for the drain. 
  • To form a forced vortex, the water is introduced tangentially. The vortex is generated via an impeller driven by a water jet. The point gauges are used to measure the surface profiles of the vortices. The speed of the vortex is also determined. 
  • This unit can be operated by Laboratory supply of with any Hydraulic Bench.