Medical Equipment

Demonstration of Pelton Turbine Apparatus (SMT-FM-14)

  • The Pelton turbine is a type of impulse turbine. Such type turbines convert the pressure energy of water into kinetic energy entirely in the distributor. During the conversion, the water jet is accelerated in a nozzle and directed onto the blades of the Pelton wheel tangentially. The water jet is redirected by approximately 180° in the blades. The impulse of the water jet is transmitted to the Pelton wheel. 
  • This ESOLS product consists of a Pelton wheel mounted in a corrosion-resistant enclosure. A transparent PMMA front panel allows students to see the turbine working. 
  • A simple mechanical brake and spring balance assembly attached to the shaft of the Pelton wheel applies a variable mechanical load (torque). Students use this with the speed (from the optional tachometer) to find power absorbed by the turbine. A gauge measures inlet pressure. 
  • This unit can be operated by Laboratory supply of with any Hydraulic Bench.