Medical Equipment

Demonstration of Kaplan Turbine Apparatus (SMT-FM-15)

  • The Kaplan turbine is a type of propeller turbine. Such type turbines convert the flow rate energy of water into kinetic energy entirely in the distributor. The turbine has adjustable guide vanes that control the water flow in the turbine. They also direct the water at an angle to the back of the propeller. Students learn how the guide vane setting affects how the turbine works. The turbine has a clear viewing window around the guide vanes and a clear draft tube so that students can see the turbine working. A transparent PMMA front panel allows students to see the turbine working. 
  • A simple mechanical brake and spring balance assembly attached to the shaft of the Kaplan blades applies a variable mechanical load (torque). Students use this with the speed (from the optional tachometer) to find power absorbed by the turbine. A gauge measures inlet pressure. 
  • This unit can be operated by Laboratory supply of with any Hydraulic Bench.