Medical Equipment

Hydrostatic Pressure (SMT-FM-04B)

  • Hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure that any fluid in a confined space exerts. If fluid is in a container, there will be some pressure on the wall of that container. The effect of hydrostatic pressure is highly important in many fields of engineering: in shipbuilding, in hydraulic engineering when designing locks and weirs, in sanitation and building services. The SMT-FM-04B experimental unit offers typical experiments to study hydrostatic pressure in liquids at rest. 
  • This Apparatus consists of a quadrant assembled to the arm of a scale that swings around an axis. When the quadrant is immersed in the water tank, the force that acts on the flat rectangular front surface exerts a momentum with respect to the supporting axis. The swinging arm is fitted with a tray and an adjustable counter balance. The tank has adjustable supporting legs for levelling. It has a drainage valve. The level reached by the water inside the tank is indicated by a graduated scale. 
  • The equipment includes non-toxic water dye colour to help students see the water levels more clearly and a syringe for accurate addition or removal of small amounts of water.