Medical Equipment

Unsteady State Heat Transfer (SMT-HT-26)

  • The Unsteady State Heat Transfer unit is designed for the investigation of the temperature variation with time and heat flow within solid shapes that are subjected to sudden heating. The unit consists of a stainless steel water bath and integral flow duct with external water circulating pump. The bath has a capacity of approximately 30 liters and is heated by a thermostatically controlled 3 kW electric heating element in the base of the bath. Adjustment of the thermostat allows the bath to be set to a nominally constant temperature before beginning the experimental procedure. The heating element incorporates internal thermal protection so that power is switched off in the event of the heater being turned on when not covered by water. However, repeatedly allowing the heater to overheat in this wax should be avoided as it will eventually fail. The control panel is provided having all the necessary wiring, temperature measurements and digital indicators. 
  • The unit has Touch LCD display for visualization of process and the measurements. The Unit is also connected to Software for computer connectivity and data analysis. The Touch screen and computer software is included in the package.