Medical Equipment

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger (SMT-HT-41)

  • Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger consists of a group of tubes inside the heat exchanger. The hot water flows through the internal tubes and cooling water circulates through the space between the internal tubes and the shell. 
  • It is a large tube (shell) which surrounds several smaller tubes (a bundle). One fluid passes through the shell, and the other fluid passes through the tube bundle, therefore transferring heat. Baffles around the bundle help to create a turbulent mixed flow. The Service unit provides hot and cold water to the heat exchanger and all the instruments needed to measure its performance. All fluid connections to the heat exchanger are self- sealing quick connectors - for safety and simplicity. The hot and cold fluid streams have different connectors to reduce errors. 
  • A temperature controller controls the hot water temperature. The flow rate in the hot water and cold-water circuit is adjusted using valves.