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Two Shaft Gas Turbine Power Plant (SMT-HT-48)

  • The SMT-HT-48 trainer helps to study the behaviour of Two shaft Gas Turbine Power Plan. In this system one turbine (the high-pressure turbine) drives the compressor and the other turbine (the power turbine) supplies the effective power. The trainer includes the following components: compressor, tubular combustion chamber and high-pressure turbine; fuel system; starter and ignition system; lubrication system; power turbine; generator; and measuring and control equipment. The complete unit is called gas turbine. 
  • The gas turbine works as an open cyclic process, with the ambient air being drawn out and fed back in. The high-pressure turbine together with the compressor and the combustion chamber are called gas generator as they produce the required gas for the power turbine. To do so, the ambient air drawn in is brought to a higher pressure in the single-stage radial compressor. When the air enters the combustion chamber, only part of it is used for combustion. This air is decelerated with the aid of a turbulence generator such that the added fuel is able to burn with a stable flame. The greater portion of the air is used to cool the combustion chamber components, and is mixed into the combustion gases at the end of the combustion chamber. This reduces the gas temperature to the permissible inlet temperature of the high-pressure turbine.